Working with Steven and Strategy Zone is different than most “consultations” in that we will never attest to “having all the answers”. Any answers that you might find valuable will never come from an outside source. The real solutions you need will only be arrived at through an understanding of strategic inquiry and developing an operating system that allows you to drive your team to greater results.

There are currently two ways to work with Steven:

A quick Inquiry:

A quick inquiry is a snap shot of where you are and how you may or may not be taking advantage of the opportunities around you.

  • Leaders who want a strategic inquiry into the direction of their company.
  • Businesses that don’t have a clear view of the future ahead.
  • Clients who need a deeper understand of what is really holding them back from their objectives.
  • Brands that are needing a shift or pivot to a more strategic position.

An Immersive Inquiry:

An immersive inquiry is an engagement with your brand or company in a deeper way. This is the most comprehensive and transformational business process on the planet. It will require you to spend five 15 hour days with the world’s leading business strategist to give you all the tools, systems and strategies to move every area of your business. Its a complete business overhaul from the world’s most effective business consultant, Tony Robbins and it will require an interview to insure that you are the right fit for what we are able to impact and serve.

  • Leaders committed to growing, scaling and exiting a “world class brand”.
  • Business operators looking to move into true business ownership.
  • Business owners interested in developing an exit strategy.
  • Business owners who want to build a more cohesive and impactful team.