Power of Taking Responsibility for Your Life Experience

This is what I like to call RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY In my travels, I have had the opportunity to interview thousands of business owners. Give me a situation […]

Gaining an Understanding of Opportunity Cost. Finding The Hidden Cost in Your Business

  What is Opportunity Cost? You have a lot of different factors involved when evaluating just how profitable your company can be. One way is to insure […]

How to Thrive in a Dying Industry. Leveraging the Power of Disruption to Shift Your Company

Are there standards or patterns in your industry that are driving your company? Are they effective or relevant in today‚Äôs market? Many industry norms will change or […]

How to Keep Your Company From Falling Behind? Leadership Development and the Power of Anticipation

A company that sells a product that can be substituted by another product or service is in danger of losing marketing share to outside market influences. You […]

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